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If You Marry Me, Would You Bury Me?


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Hey Its Miranda!

Well this is my new journal, i thought it was time for a change and a new journal. What Goes on in Moes journal Stays in Moes journal.

I thought that i would try to start over. RandaPanda Has been through a lot.

Hope you Like.xoxo

/// I can't erase you from my past i cant delete you from my mind all i can do is say goodbye i cant pretend you were never here i cant fake like it didnt hurt when you disappeard i refuse to use a fake old grin but than again i'll never win... i cant pretend that i dont care i cant pretend that you are near so i guess ill just pretend to say goodbye..

You might be from Roseville if....

-If your stereo system and/or rims are worth more than your car.
-If you think putting “spinner” hubcaps on your ride would be a good idea!!!
-If you go to “Coney” to celebrate your latest achievement with either your friends or family
-If your High School was on the corner of Common and Normal and it never occurred to you that you were being set up for mediocrity.
-If you’re a 15 year old female who is overweight and your boyfriend is 25 and he only has 10 teeth (but you think its ok)
-If you know who Dr. Akin is, and you have referred to this person as either, “Andre the Giant” or “The Jolly Green Giant”
-If you pull over to the side of the road only to change the fuse for your amplifier.
-If your car is 4 different colors, and you still insist on getting a customized license plate or vinyl decal to let everyone know how hardcore you are.
-If you forgot what a “snow day” feels like.
-If you think the Roseville Theatre is a fun place to hang out.
-If 420 is not a number, but a national holiday and is worth skipping school over.
-If it’s after 9pm in the summer, and Gratiot is no longer a street to travel to get from one place to the other, but a place to meet members of the opposite sex.
-If you think that Nascar is an actual sport.
-If you are well aware of the “fetus” incident.
-If you think EMO is here to stay.
-If you haven’t heard an actual ringing bell in your school for years.
-If skipping class is easier than opening your locker.
-If you or someone you know can relate to any of the statements listed above.

Clue is Murderously Fun Love

Grint is Love

Sporks Are Love

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Disney Princesses are Love.